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  • Emo is short for emotive hardcore, a subgenre of hardcore (i think so?) Emotive hardcore has evolved into the emo we know today and it has sprouted a subculture: Emo.
  • A lot of people would describe emo music as punk, except instead of lyrics about rebellion and politics, emo has more emotinal lyrics. However, emo does NOT stand for emotional.
  • Emos are creative and often develope a passion in art, writing, poetry, and/or music
  • Emo is not associated with depression or self harm in any way. That is an innaccurate stereotype. Yes it is possible for an emo to suffer from the mental illness of depression, but it is equally possible for any other person.
  • Emos only need a few things to be emo: creativity, emotion, and a passion for emo music
  • Emo has nothing to do with religion. It does not mean that we worship the devil. In fact, many emos are christian.
  • While the emo fashion is not required, if you want people to know that you are emo, it is important. Examples of things optional to include in emo wardrobe: the color black, skinny jeans (dark colors! Too bright and you'll look scene!), studded belts, emo band tees, eyeliner or guyliner, black nail polish, vans, converse or chuck allstars, sweaters, bracelets, black hair (if you dye it too bright, youll look scene! also, don't poof it up real big like a scene either) usually straight with long bangs covering one or both eyes, possibly thick rimmed glasses.
  • Bands like Black Veil Brides, asking Alexandria, and Suicide Silence are NOT emo bands, but are innaccurately labeled emo by the media. Examples of emo bands include: My Chemical Romance(yay!), Death Cab For Cutie, Jimmy Eat World, Dashboard Confessional, Matchbook Romance, Saves The Day, The Promise Ring, Half Hearted Hero, Loud?, Break The Silence, Hostage Calm, a Thorn In Every Heart, Emo Side Project
  • Do not confuse goth with emo. They are two completely different subcultures
  • Though we may get a lot of hate, we stay strong through it all. We are not afraid to show others who we are and we stay true to ourselves! :)